Zero to Hero Update: Going Behind the Scenes

zero-to-hero-badgeI bookmarked the Zero to Hero Challenge as I will go back after this month is over. The latest tweak can be found up top as I moved my blog list to its own page. One of the challenges I already did over the past few years. Since I started blogging with WordPress, I must have used three or four themes, although the number is closer to the former. In each move, the sidebar always looked cluttered. I decided to clear up the sidebar by moving the blogroll. The move also prompted me to look for some fresh blogs. I felt a little stale anyway, therefore, time for a little shake up.

Author: Fatima

Curious observer of the world. In my corner I work as a Library Technician for a college in Manitoba. I enjoy writing, reading, and getting out to see more of my surroundings.

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