A Post In Which Our Heroine Gets Stuck And Resorts To Fangirlish Things To Get…Well Unstuck

Seriously how old am I?

Obviously old enough to post this:


Like the subject line says I am stuck. I should rephrase that…I am stuck AGAIN!  Why?  I overthink things that’s why.  I also broke a primary commandment in blogging…thou shalt write for thyself and see if others like it. For now I content myself with correlations between British actors and black hair dye.  Actually let’s add one more.

You take a Brit:


and dye him black:


There might be something to this theory.

Provisons and Ways to Survive a Winnipeg Cold Spell

Not again:

Enviroment Canada Screenshot (2)We did have some mild weather.  Keep in mind a change in weather usually means swapping for something else.  We have a sunny day, but it is really, really cold.  Friday we had mild temperatures, but nearly zero visibility with all the snow.  Winnipeg just had its roads cleared of its ruts, only to have a fresh layer of snow to make driving all the more interesting. Once I mourned my car, now I feel glad to be rid of it in times like these.

People complain about the weather in Winnipeg.  Those who can book tickets to far off warm places.  Those of us, like me, with neither the time or the money at the moment try other ways to  get away from it all.  Right now I have a warm cup of coffee and Christmas decorations to put away.  Netflix, as if reading the minds of Canadians everywhere, just added a bunch of new shows to its lineup.

I just finished Season 2 of Wallander featuring the talented Kenneth Branagh in the lead role while the co-crown prince of Tumblr, Tom Hiddleston, plays a supporting role as Magnus Martinsson.  It’s one of those programs a viewer will find their favourite Brit, or Brits in this case, but stays for the taut storytelling as the mystery unwind itself at a leisurely pace. Oh, and there’s a reason why I call Tom Hiddleston the co-Crown Prince of Tumblr.  In a word-hair.  He once talked about his natural curls in an interview I don’t remember which one, but he describes it as ‘Gene-Wilder hair.’  I call it a ‘British Afro’.

Photo Credit: The Tom Hiddleston Effect

Take him and this other curly-haired bloke:


Photo Credit: Cumberbatchweb

Voila!  A handy set of book ends.

I have milk in the house for tea and coffee.  I have eggs and veggies for an omelet.  I also have lots and lots of soup.  I have loads of books to space between the programming on the television.  Add something productive like laundry, and I will do just fine.

Until tomorrow…

This windchill warming will carry over into the wee, small hours I take the bus.  Try getting up for that, in the dark, despite intellectually knowing more light is coming.  During January and February it is an endurance contest.  Scratch that…it is a battle of wits with you against the Canadian elements.  (Please feel free to substitute the cold elements one feels familiar with like Minnesota.)

In my case I wake up and it is dark.  I go home and it is dark.  (Notice a theme here?)  Forget keeping my hair neat with my hood pulled up, my mouth covered, making me look like an overstuffed ninja.

Don’t forget ‘Blue Monday’ is coming up.  I know it is pseudoscience, but some time in January the cold and the post-Christmas hang over hits people like a ton of bricks.  This year Blue Monday falls on January 20th.  The credit card bills come due, money seems like dust in the bank account, and it is always cold and never Christmas to borrow a phrase from the Narnia series.

Luckily I also plan to catch up with people in this cold weather as a way to get out of the house.  (Some friends reading this blog are quietly saying get your ass in gear, Fatima, and email me!) I have a feeling these same people, like the people in your lives, need to get out too.  Bundle up, go for a movie, or meet at the pub.  (We have those in Winnipeg too.)

Netflix just announced The Immortals starring Henry Cavil will now stream on Netflix. Luke Evans also co-stars in this production as one of the Greek Gods. I love sword-and-sandal epics; All men are in short tunics if they are in anything at all. If that’s not your thing Netflix just posted the Tom Hardy version of Wuthering Heights.  In geek-speak Bane co-stars with Rick Grimes in a tale of passion set in the bleak, Yorkshire Moors.  I know a Bronte fan who would love to see this.

It does not matter how one deals with Winter here in Winnipeg, or Minnesota, or England only the mind-set to take it on.  Albert Camus meant something else, but I think it applies to dealing with weather, and those complaining about it, when he wrote:

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

Find your summer and hang on.

A Blog-Inspired Gift

My friend V told me the story about the strange looks given to her as she outlined her gift to me.  This came before I unwrapped the tissue paper, my first thought was alright.  My friends know me well, some of them too well, and V was no exception to either rule.

“I told them you would get it,” V said.

I began unwrapping the first item from its tissue.   I got it alright.  Enough to laugh my ass off.  What began as an innocent blog post, turned into my Christmas present:

Thorin and Loki Action Figures

I got it alright.  The boys are still in their packages, waiting for their assigned spots.  I plan for Loki to sit on my non-fiction book shelf, while Thorin gets the fiction section.  (I have two book cases on either side of my dining room cabinet.)

It’s a lazy, Sunday afternoon as I do laundry and finally clean this place.  People don’t believe me if I say it’s a mess.  I came from a very, very clean home.  I have a mom who cleans her home with almost military precision.  I don’t mean that as a slight, but a sincere compliment after being in places not so clean.  I come home from work, set up dinner, look around, then re-arrange my piles of clothes and paper.  It does get messy, just not enough for an episode of hoarders.

I can almost see the bottom of my dining room table,

Almost Seen Dining Room Table

I have a half-made bed going,Semi-Made Bed

and some general chaos.


I better go tackle some dust balls. The only thing preventing me from writing my Hobbit review is this chaotic place.  I tell myself this is a place a writer lives.  Whenever I feel bogged down by all the household stuff, this gets me going.  That and my underwear drawer has migrated to my laundry basket.

Midweek Geekiness: Through the Looking-Back Glass

Like many blog writers, I looked over my posts over this almost-completed year.  Technically, this blog has gone on for over a year.  I had reflective posts, fumbling posts, and Book Talk posts.  Midweek Geekiness came after getting stumped for ideas.  Using the adage ‘write what you know’, I read all things sundry and nerdy.  I also knew my nerdy info-gathering discounts anything repetitive, false, or just plain dumb.  Who knows may be I fall into one of those categories for someone else.  Once I wrote my first ‘Midweek Geekiness’ post, a routine emerged to take a life of its own.

Keep in mind my goal was not to emerge as some geek girl pundit.  Let’s start by saying at age 42, I am long past the ‘girl’ stage.  As for punditry I link to a variety of places with much better access to information, actors, and experience.  Speaking of actors, while Sean Bean, David Morrissey, and Tom Hiddleston made appearances, bias favours two distinct men.  My approach to blouses and shoes also applies to actors.  People favour blondes, others brunettes while I just go for one of each.  They are also around my age as both are 41.

Well, have a look at the top ten list and tell me if you see a pattern emerging.  ;)  Otherwise I raise my imaginary, expensive champagne glass to more posts, more nerdy goodness, and more writing next year.

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Midweek Geekiness: The Post Holiday Edition

Sometimes I arrive at Wednesdays with nothing to write about.  While on holidays between comic con and the promotion for The Bourne Legacy, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Why not approach the first Midweek Geekiness the way I approach going back to work on holidays-a combination of slowly and break-neck speed.

Loki and Ned Visit Quahog

I knew Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, was a complete geek.  He even had some guest shots on the last Star Trek series Enterprise.  He knows what can ring a nerd’s bell, and this time the man set the chimes ringing.  Having an episode with a character voiced by Sean Bean is one thing, while having an episode voice by Tom Hiddleston is quite another.  Both will appear together in an upcoming episode of Family Guy in the fall.  No details as of yet, but my money is already Sean Bean dying over and over again in this one.

Facebook Goodness Courtesy of Nathan Fillion

My friend M on Facebook knows my two weaknesses:  really cute guys and reading.  She came across something sending me into giddy convulsions in my seat.  The Austin Browncoats Facebook page shared this creation, and despite my best efforts I can’t find who originally put the image and words together to share with the internet.  Whomever you are, thank you!!  (Plus an extra scoop of thank you to M herself.)

For people who don’t know, Nathan Fillion was one of the co-creators of an organization called Kids Need to Read.  The goal is to supply books to libraries without the funding to go out and buy their materials.  For the son of two English teachers, and once playing a rogue with a heart of gold, this is wrong.  The combination of Malcolm Reynolds and Fillion’s own words makes my heart sprout wings and flutter.

From Browncoats to Avengers

Seven clips  made their début online in advance of The Avengers release on DVD.  I saw the movie multiple times, enough for close friends to consider an intervention.  (Two reasons:  Jeremy Renner.)  While everyone has a favourite scene, mine happens to be one that includes two Whedon trademarks:

1.  A group of individuals coming together

2.  Sly humour

Midweek Geekiness: Two More Ponderings About Those Blue-Eyed, British Boys

One Comic-Con Baptism for Mr. Armitage

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

It’s official:  The Hobbit will come to Geek  Prom San Diego Comic Con.  The movie itself wraps principal photography on July 7th, meaning the cast will barely have time to breathe before they touch down in California.  Aidan Turner attended Comic Con once as part of the BBC panel for Being Human.  However this Hall H, the holy of holies for geeks, seating 6, 500 people giddily anticipating some footage of the film.  Will Peter Jackson follow James Cameron’s lead and hand out 3D glasses for the full effect.  Hopefully this will go better than the last time unfinished footage  rolled for an audience.

It’s safe to say the cast will walk out to a rock-star welcome by the crowd, something these journeymen actors may find a little surprising.  Richard Armitage pretty much said he’s ready for the event, and I will FINALLY hear from him after nearly a year of not a single sound bite.  While I wait to hear from him, we also have 10 new images from The Hobbit courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.  Armitage’s Thorin Oakenshield is the last picture looking pretty bad ass with orcrist.

Look Out Ryan Gosling Fans

People magazine’s Sexist Man Alive contest is good for a few laughs.  Not only do I laugh over who they pick, especially if it’s someone I would never choose, but the debates back and forth turn pretty nasty.  Suddenly I don’t laugh only cringe and lament people’s tenuous hold on reality.  I mean, really, it’s the Sexist Man Alive issue not a Middle East peace accord.

English: Tom Hiddleston at a press conference ...Somewhere between this is hilarious and alright, give it a shot comes a Montreal Gazette blog entry about two women wanting to give Tom Hiddleston a shot at the title.  When I think about it other than an Aussie (Hugh Jackman), a Scotsman (Sean Connery), and a Canuck (Ryan Reynolds) the Americans have a hold on that title.  Even I admit if I see the same guys in contention making the thing looks a little stale.  As much as Ryan Gosling does nothing for me, yes it’s possible to work in a library and feel that way, it’s nice to see a fresh face.

Does Mr. Hiddleston have a chance?   It remains to be seen and as much as it’s a lovely gesture, and lord knows I wrote enough about this guy,  but he has to do one thing to really solidify is swooning army.  It’s something the gentleman above him already did with his very own army before it turned fashionable.

Tom Hiddleston’s fan army has to crash the BBC message boards.  True story.  When Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South début on the BBC, women all over UK took one look at the tall, dark, and handsome lead and thought my word who are you?  (Very same response I had while watching Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisbourne on Robin Hood.)  Nobody saw that level of swooning since Colin Firth emerged dripping wet in a white shirt in Pride and Prejudice. It actually crashed the BBC message boards.  In order for Tom Hiddleston to take his place in this pantheon, the BBC message board must crash.  Of course I mean this with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Midweek Geekiness: A Hollow Crown, A Secret Agent, and Even More Avengers Geekiness

People may scoff at me about seeing The Avengers more than once.  Life feels too short to arouse concern on my part, and most of the time I see it again with someone else seeing for the first time.  On Sunday, after a delightful brunch at The Falafel Place, myself and two other friends walked to Grant Park.  We went to the 2D afternoon show with a near-private-viewing experience.  (There was a guy off to the side.)  As much as I enjoy full movie theatres, I like a near-empty movie theatre with me and a few friends.

I still laugh at the funny lines (‘Clench up Legolas’ still remains a favourite.)  Loki remains just as sinister in 2D as in 3D, while I had to imagine Hawkeye nearly landing in my lap in 2D while he vividly jumped from the screen in 3D.  (I have an ample lap, I don’t mind.)  Add emerging to a sunny, Winnipeg afternoon and I finished my fun day on my balcony with a book and a cold glass of cranberry club soda.

With Avengers on the brain, once again Misters Hiddleston and Renner find themselves on my Midweek Geekiness post.  Why?  I say why not?

Finally, He Gets to Rule

The BBC put together a lavish adaptation of three of Shakespeare’s intertwining history plays Richard II; Henry IV parts I & II, and Henry V.  Tom Hiddleston steps into the role of Hal, later maturing in King V complete with St. Crispin’s Day speech.  ironically, the last person to play the role was Kenneth Branagh in  movie proving Shakespeare can rock cinematically and put the actor on my what-else-can-he-do radar.  (I also say send the man thank you cards for encouraging Tom Hiddleston to audition for Thor.)

While Hiddleston is one reason to watch the trilogy, the three movies boasts an impressive cast from Shakespeare staple Patrick Stewart to Harry Lloyd (Viserys from Game of Thrones).

I can go on and on about the production value getting amped up as a NBCUniversal co-production, or you can see the trailer for The Hollow Crown yourself:

Now for the news letting a little bit of air out of this balloon.  The trilogy will show on BBC June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, and July 21st, while PBS will show it either later in 2012 or early 2013.  See where one hears the hiss as it is deflated?

Let’s be frank.  People will find a way to upload the content so other people can see the content.  Doctor Who remains one of the few British exports showing at the same time in Canada and the UK. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other programming.  People took one look at Benedict Cumberbatch during Sherlock’s initial season and thought talented and cute guy with unusual name…I need more. They got it by any means necessary and still bought the DVDs.  It’s no different from watching The Avengers and thinking talented and cute guy who does bad very wellI need more.  Silly reasoning I know, but people will still intend to seek out the content now and get the DVD later for repeated viewing and the all important special features.

Chill It’s Just a Date Change

I had to change my milestone date for the Bourne Legacy from August 3rd to August 10th.  I did check to see what movies will open against it on August 3rd, and noticed Jeremy Renner’s good friend and S.W.A.T. co-star Colin Farrell stars in the Total Recall remake due out on the same day.  Seriously, I think these two would buy each other a round as a congratulatory gesture.  Everyone else would predictably freak.

Like they do now.

The comment boards lit up either saying ‘A Bourne without Damon would suck and here’s the proof’, or speculating what film blinked first to avoid the box-office tsunami that is Dark Knight Rises.  I think it’s a good move after what happened to films in the wake of The Avengers.  People argue Battleship failed due to the timing of its release.  Alright, that may be true despite reviews by people saying the movie stunk and Alexander Skarsgard’s hotness could not save it. The Bourne Legacy trailer made me think the movie, and its premise with Renner as its lead, might work.

What do I know I am a library technician not a studio head or a critic.  However, I am a fangirl with a Jeremy Renner post coming up shortly.  (I guess you can say I picked my favourite between Hiddleston and Renner.)